sunlight swept across the city that afternoon.  The streets were decorated with flamboyant characters and powerful imagery.  characters who were happy and curious, daring and confident.  coloured hair and painted faces, anime, lolita and cybergoth. some cute, some bold, tailored and precise, these high fashion icons lit the streets and the air was empowered by freedom, self expression and celebration. and so was born a new chapter in the tale.


back in london there was panic.  the city was phased with concrete and gloom.  smoke bellowed from the chimneys whilst crowds of office works gathered outside the internet cafes in the rain.  cogs turning in the machine, their sorrowful faces were the same that stare upward from their newspapers on the tube.  Politicians stared out of the windows in despair and suddenly it was clear to see that the sand in the hour glass was running low.



it was time to begin. to escape.

it was time to return to harajuku!



Harajuku! >>


Tuesday 24th AUGUST


Stables Market

Chalk Farm Rd


The story so far...

Throw on your Harajuku wares and let’s head out to the most elaborate themed event of the Summer!  The Harajuku and Cosplay Autumn Ball is our big escape to Japan!  Expect bold colours, Geishas, Lolita’s, Balloons, Origami, Indie, Jpop, Live Bands, DJs, Karoke, Gaming, Manga and Art in what can only be described as 100% Harajuku!!